Digital Strategy Service™ provides digital strategy & solution consulting services for healthcare companies. Using our Digital Strategy Service™ framework, our consulting services helps companies formulate their digital vision, strategic objectives, plan multi-generational roadmap of capabilities, enable digital technologies, and measure the results. Our mission is to make digital healthcare solutions effective, timely, and efficient by engaging consumers, members, providers, brokers, groups, employers, government, and communities. Digital strategy Service™ brings together healthcare experience, cross-industry transformational knowledge, digital technologies, and strategic planning. To speak with us, click here

  • Develop Digital Enterprise Vision
  • Formulate Strategic Objectives
  • Develop Success Criteria
  • Enterprise & Executive Alignment
  • External and Internal Stakeholder capabilities
  • Digital Capabilities – Prioritization and Roadmap
  • Digital Processes and Impact Assessment
  • Channel Strategy (Web, Mobile, Social, call center, etc.)
  • Requirements and Process Definitions
  • Technology Comparison and Partner Selection
  • Business and Technology Innovation Opportunities
  • Program Execution and Program Management
  • Develop Detailed Success Metrics and Measurement
  • Detailed Assumptions and Variability Alignment
  • Create and Execute Feedback Loop
  • Create Adoption and Utilization Program

:: Testimonials ::
  • “With the Digital Strategy Framework, we were able to create a roadmap of online solutions to connect with our senior markets. We increased our membership and prepared our company for the next generation of seniors.” –Joseph Brand, Former Chief Technology Officer, Leading Commercial Payer

  • “With efforts focused on digital strategy and solutions, we were able to expand our reach to communities through technology quickly, and effectively.” –Joseph Brand, Former Chief Technology Officer, Leading Commercial Payer