The terms “Digital Strategy” and “Yoga” are closely linked. ‘Yoga’ is the discipline of achieving a superior state of mind and body through structured practices. Similar to individuals who achieve a superior state through the practice of yoga, we believe that organizations need to have a disciplined approach in their digital transformations. This will lead to a superior state of the enterprise and position the company for long-term success.

It is common to see many companies jump to get the newest technology capabilities on the market without thinking the long-term impact of such decisions. This random approach not only puts an organization at risk, but also endangers the key stakeholders that currently thrive in the company’s ecosystem. Gartner, the leading research company as of 2013, stated that “most companies have a digital strategy on a spectrum of non-existent to somewhat vague”

We believe that our framework helps you achieve the agility, flexibility, and durability required in the ever changing world of technology and business capabilities. During the transformation journey, the framework helps maintain and balance priorities, manage competitive threats, improve core capabilities, improvise on your approaches and innovate without losing sight of the strategic vision and objectives. In a nutshell, Digital Strategy Yoga gives you the framework to achieve superior results.