RPM Innovations Places Third in Decision Aid Upgrade Challenge

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The Princeton-based digital health startup company, RPM Innovations LLC, was announced as the third place winner in the California Healthcare Foundation Decision Aid Upgrade Challenge.

The main goal of the competition was to create clear decision aids for people specifically with Stage-4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, so as to help patients feel more in control of their illness and treatment options. The challenge also called for the development of a decision aid that would help support the conversation between patients and doctors about chemotherapy, and other supportive care options.

“It was important to get involved with this challenge because many lung cancer patients do not fully understand their prognosis and treatment options,” said RPM Innovations founder and managing principal, Kalyan Narayanan. “It has become increasingly difficult for oncologists to fully discuss issues with their patients due to the lack of available, comprehensible decision aids and time restrictions with patients.”

RPM Innovation’s solution to this challenge was an e-learning platform in which health roadmaps and statistics were broken down into easily understood, patient-centered videos and visual elements. Each clip is nestled under a specific-themed course module that patients can go through to better understand information vital to their prognosis and treatment plan. The videos communicate sensitive information during stressful life events through compassionate virtual human interaction; such as treatment options, possible side effects, success rates, and supportive care options. The videos are also able to be personalized to accommodate various health conditions through different media technologies and can be integrated into the clinical workflow. At the end of each clip there is a space for patients to input any questions they may have which will be shared with their doctor so patients can receive answers and updates quickly. There is even a survey at the end of all the modules to help patients decide which aspects of certain treatments they may be most interested in pursuing, as well as a space to rate each video so as to improve this content for future patients.

In the upcoming weeks RPM Innovations will enter the Aetna Underserved Business Plan Challenge. This competition tasks companies to tackle three big issues in underserved communities; (1) provide access to healthcare services, (2) produce a solution to childhood obesity, and (3) create a way in which data can connect between differing systems. We will report more on this as the deadline draws closer.

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