• Develop Digital Enterprise Vision
  • Formulate Strategic Objectives
  • Develop Success Criteria
  • Enterprise & Executive Alignment

Using a structured Digital Strategy Yoga™ framework for developing digital strategy, our consulting services will drive the development of the digital enterprise vision with a keen eye towards the innovation and transformation of the enterprise. The digital vision, followed by the strategic objectives, will drive the organization to agree on the success criteria and alignment at the enterprise level. This vision and its objectives are independent of the digital technologies (web, mobile, social, internet of things, etc.). In the subsequent steps, we define the right channel for the right goal.


Strategic vision for the digital enterprise:

For any digital strategy to be successful, organizations need to embed their digital strategy within the company’s business strategy. In today’s world, most stakeholders in an organization’s ecosystem access the information via digital technologies (web, mobile, social, smart devices, etc.). The vision and the set of strategic objectives help focus the digital initiatives to achieve measurable business results, and transform the core processes in which the business operates. Our consulting services use our framework to helpdefine the future of your digital enterprise. For more information, click here.


The Digital Strategy Yoga™ framework steps include:

Step 1: Assess the customer ecosystem – past, present and future
Step 2: Interview key business leaders to formulate vision and objectives
Step 3: Formulate, prioritize and finalize the digital vision and strategic objectives
Step 4: Develop prioritization framework for the digital enterprise