• Requirements and Process Definitions
  • Technology Comparison and Selection
  • Business and Technology Innovation Opportunities.
  • Program Execution and Program Management

With the clear digital enterprise vision (Step1) and roadmap of capabilities planned (Step 2), it is time for execution. Digital Strategy Yoga provides an unbiased view of technology and partner selection for execution. We also work with your current execution partners and redefine the execution model to realize the progressive benefits of the roadmap. Digital Strategy Yoga’s program management process provides clear direction and communication to all stakeholders through a prioritized communication framework. While the technology partners focus on execution, the business process partners modify and prepare the digitally-ready processes. This requires high levels of coordination. Digital Strategy Yoga provides program management to the transformation program as well. For more information, click here.


Technology Execution and Program Management:

As the teams get ready to execute the digital transformation roadmap, it is important for clarity in the requirements and the changes that are about to occur once the programs are implemented. Our digital enablement (Step 3) covers all aspects of the program management, starting with defining requirements, business process documentation, aligning changes, and selecting software and execution partner,while holding accountability at various levels of the program. We provide a communication framework through which all members of the program (executive management to the execution teams), both internal and external, have clarity on their roles and responsibilities.


The Digital Strategy Yoga™ framework steps include:

Step 1: For each of the functional capabilities identified, develop a full set of requirements that clarify the changes required for the organization.
Step 2 : Once requirements are identified, each impacted process is re-formatted for the new digitally-enabled capabilities. We also detail the integrated channel strategy for web, mobile, social, call center, retail, IVR and others. At this time, POC (Proof of Concept) / Pilots are performed in order to verify the end-state vision.
Step 3: With the requirements and the processes mapped to align with the changes, we work with the IT teams to select the right software solution and execution partner for the program.
Step 4: With the teams set with their plans to execute, the program management and communication framework is set up in order to ensure alignment – top-down and bottom-up.