Two New Exciting Projects at RPM Innovations

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New interns, Kyuree Park and Cara Gregorio, working with the Princeton-based digital healthcare startup RPM Innovations LLC are excited to begin work on two new healthcare revolution projects.

Kyuree Park is currently a senior student at The College of New Jersey and aspires to be an Air Force medical doctor, specializing in trauma treatment. She works as an intern for RPM Innovations, as well as a nursing assistant on a Neurology unit in Hackensack University Medical Center, located in New Jersey, and has been recognized for her hard work and determination in the field. Ms. Park utilizes her background in the healthcare, nursing, and medical industries to help create innovative solutions to current healthcare problems.

Ms. Park will be working on the first project of the summer entitled the Decision Aid Collection Project. The project stems from RPM Innovations recent involvement with the California Healthcare Foundation challenge, wherein the startup company was tasked with communicating decision aids for Stage 4 Lung Cancer patients in new and innovative ways utilizing technology. There is a concerning lack of comprehensible decision aids for various illnesses and diseases available to patients, thus Ms. Park has been tasked with gathering current decision aids from multiple qualified hospitals and healthcare professions. Once gathered Ms. Park will create innovative ways in which to share this information as well as make these confusing decision aids more understandable to a larger population of patients.

Cara Gregorio is currently a senior student at The College of New Jersey and aspires to be a public relations specialist. She works as an intern for RPM Innovations as well as a sales associate at Tilly’s, a skate and surf store located in the Freehold Raceway Mall in New Jersey. Ms. Gregorio has expertise in the retail and sales industries, and has been recognized for her hard work and academic achievements. Ms. Gregorio utilizes her skills from previous experiences within her involvement as an intern, employee, and student to help create and communicate unique solutions to problems in the healthcare field

Ms. Gregorio will be working on the second project of the summer; a Student Health Ambassador Program commonly referred to as SHAP. The program is an extension of the “Reviving Healthcare Terms” project pioneered by Dr. Yifeng Hu, and facilitate in her communication studies course at The College of New Jersey, located in Ewing, New Jersey. Dr. Yifeng Hu is a dedicated, hard-working professor committed to advancing her research and publications program in three main fields of study; e-health, communication technology’s impact in interpersonal and social contexts, and communication technology and pedagogy. Dr. Yifeng Hu has worked tirelessly and has developed a three-pronged research agenda in consumer health informatics, doctor-patient relationships in the digital age, and online social support. Her most recent work focuses on the roles and effects of new media and emerging technologies in health communication. For more information on the program.

In Dr. Yifeng Hu’s new media and health communication class, students worked in pairs to define and create learning activities for complex healthcare terms. Ultimately the initial project was a success and now Kalyan Narayanan, founder and CEO of RPM Innovations, wants to take this project global. Both Mr. Narayanan and Ms. Gregorio believe that there is a startling large population of college students who do not understand important healthcare terms and thus are not prepared for the world ahead of them when students are ultimately forced to choose their own healthcare plans.

In order to combat this lack of health literacy, Ms. Gregorio has been tasked with creating a Student Health Ambassador Program that will act as an extension to healthcare education in various universities and college campuses. Ms. Gregorio seeks to accomplish this by first surveying college students across the country to discover which healthcare terms are most confusing yet relevant to students, and then plans to create a series of learning activities and weekly articles to educate students. She will define terms such as “Co-Pay” and “Deductible,” as well as create videos and infographics for students who are both visual and auditory learners. Mr. Narayanan hopes to bring this program to various universities across the nation in the years to come to help combat this health literacy issue.

Over the next eight weeks Ms. Gregorio will be reporting on her findings from weekly student surveys in order to determine which healthcare terms are most relevant to college students. She will also begin creating content for these confusing healthcare terms so as to provide verified, comprehensible information to confused students or individuals.

For more information or questions regarding the initial Reviving Healthcare Terms project, interested parties can contact Dr. Yifeng Hu at her email address; [email protected], or can read about the initial project here:

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